Rates & Ad Types
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1. User-Entered Classified Ads

The following ad types are defined as USER-ENTERED CLASSIFIED AD TYPES - the posting, modification, renewal and deletion of these classified ads can all be done by the Advertisers without the need of the system staff:
• Real Estate FOR SALE ad;
• Real Estate FOR RENT ad;
• Classified FULL PAGE ad;
• Classified TEXT LINK ad.

Features that come with each ad:

  • Precise search functionality: Readers can find your ad with precisely definable search criteria and not by the position of your ad on the timeline, so your property will always meet your target readers matching their search criteria - Try out our precise search functionality through the links below - you'll be linked to our sample ad site:
    For Rent ads  |  For Sale ads
  • Professional presentation: Each ad is presented in a professional feature sheet format and is independently printed on just one sheet - ad pages have no other advertising on it. (Explore enriched features associated with our real estate ads: LINK)
  • Our MoboLINK™ lets you tell your ad to others easily - via voice or text messages (Learn more...)
  • RESPONSIVE LAYOUT of your ad page lets your target readers view your ad page on mobile devices with comfort (no need to zoom in and out, or scroll left and right)
  • Try out these new features by opening the following MoboLINKs of our sample ads on your mobile phone:
    ♥ For Rent ad: ListB.com/R95  |  ♥ For Rent ad: ListB.com/R95  |  ♥ For Sale ad: ListB.com/S209 ♥ For Sale ad: ListB.com/S209

The Rate Chart below lists the current regular rates for all user-entered classified ad types. The links below the ad type names in the chart are links to some sample ads for demonstration and illustration purposes only.

Ad type (with links to sample ads) 6 months*
Real estate FOR SALE
(Ad page / Search results)
Real estate FOR RENT
(Ad page / Search results)
Classifieds FULL PAGE
(Ad page / Search results)
Classifieds TEXT LINK
(Search results)
*Note: Fees are per ad per duration indicated or part thereof (good for both initial or renewal periods). Ad fee paid will not be refunded. GST/HST is extra for ads posted in Canadian regions. Rates are subject to change.
POST AN AD: To post your ad now please click on the "POST/EDIT Ads" link on the menu bar at the top of this page.

2. Ad Service Packages

Ad service packages are sold on subscription basis. They cover services that include unlimited advertising in a fixed period for a subscription fee. Some packages could even earn you income while you advertise (referral fee features).

To explore detail and find out which package is suitable for you, please visit this link: "Package Deals".

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