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Unlimited views & clicks...

  • Use H5 banners that are compatible with most mobile devices
  • Unlimited views & clicks included
  • Annual Term or Long Term up to year 2018

The feeling of unlimited is good!

Large, eye-catching image advertising

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Check out how our image ads look on desktops, tablets and cellphones via these links:

  • H5 Banners - Banner ads in various sizes are rendered using HTML5 and CSS3 specifications and will show up on desktops & mobile devices. View sample: Type ST - tile 300x250 pixel
  • Background Image Ads ("BIA") - The ad will occupy the full width in the background of a webpage. It is designed to show off to attract the immediate attention of the audience: BIA Introduction
  • Illustration page - See all image ad types on one page and in various screen sizes. View sample: illustration page

Specifications and other details - Regional Coverage

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Running of ads:

  • Ads are run on random rotation of entries grouped by ad type and by region coverage
  • Validity is by time purchased - unlimited views and clicks of the ad are included within the subscription term
  • Full governing terms at: Package Rules
  • Ad Slots: Slots on the HOMESmarketing system homepage ( and the second ad slot of the Type ST ads on all pages are reserved for orders with specific arrangements

Sizes of Ads: The following dimensions are for general information only. Please refer to Package Rules for further specifications.

  • Type G H5 Banner ("Grand Sponsor"): 209 x 90 pixel
  • Type A H5 Banner ("Top Banner"): 728 x 90 pixel
  • Type ST H5 Banner ("Supreme Tile"): 300 x 250 pixel
  • Type BIA ("Background Image" in JPG format): 1200 x 900 pixel

Contents of ads: This paragraph provides some guidelines about supply of ads by advertisers ("you, your"), and production orders that are placed with HOMESmarketing ("we, us, our").

  • Supply of ad that is ready to go is your responsibility unless production of the ad is ordered with us
  • BIA - Background image: Image shall be supplied in JPG format and in exact size of 1200 x 900 pixel with resolution of 72 dpi. You will also need to prepare a brief message to introduce your ad - this shall be up to 1,000 characters and spaces combined. We will communicate with you about how we could set this up for you when we process your order.
  • Banner ads in static images: For all the three ad types that are under the H5 category, you can choose to use static images for your ads to be run (i.e., image in JPG format, with or without text on the image). If you supply ads this way it will usually not incur production cost at our part.
  • H5 Banner ads: These ads are creative files built with HTML5 and CSS3 specifications and will present your ads with "movie-like" effects (learn more...). You can supply files of your own or we can do the production for you if you include this item in your subscription package.
▶ BIA Order Form

Place your order - H5 Banners

Nationwide Coverage

Special terms and arrangements: We are open to inquiries with specific requirements:

  • Systemwide or nationwide coverage: entire system, Canada only, or USA only
  • Real estate developers and marketers having various projects to market at any given time
  • Advertising agency or brokerage companies
  • Website development and hosting companies referring our services to their clients
  • (Other inquiries from entities or with purposes similar to the above)
Please let us know your ideas via this page. Thanks.

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